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Trees: the forgotten heroes of our health

WWf and DEA Trees  Report 2023

We all need trees. They’re not only magnificent, they’re also necessary for our health and can save lives.

DEA is proud to have teamed up with WWF-Australia to launch a major new report on the growing evidence connecting trees and forests to human physical and mental health.


  • Boost our physical and mental health
  • Filter our air and water
  • Provide homes for pollinators that underpin much of our food supplies
  • Cool our communities
  • Help protect us from infectious diseases
  • Connect to Country
  • Help curb climate change- the biggest threat to health this century
  • And more

Despite the amazing benefits we derive from trees, they’re facing major challenges from deforestation and land clearing.

It’s essential that we protect them- for our health’s sake.

Trees: The Forgotten Health Heroes of Our Health WWF and DEA Report - PDF (March 2023)