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Membership for Doctors

Members of Doctors for the Environment Australia

Are you a medical doctor? We’d love you to join us as a member.

Members receive discounts to our events, have the right to vote at our annual general meeting and help shape the direction of our organisation.

The more members we have, the bigger our voice and the better we’ll be able to promote health through care of the environment. With your help we can make a difference.

Your support will help to…

  • Raise awareness about the importance of a healthy environment to human well being
  • Combat climate change
  • Influence public policy
  • Educate and assist the medical profession to become advocates for a stable climate and healthy environment

We have different tiers of membership, reflecting the financial capacity of you as our member.

All memberships include a $50 non deductible membership fee, the balance of the membership is a tax deductible donation.

Choose a membership option to begin.