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Our work

DEA is the leading medical voice on health and climate. 

Our volunteer doctors use their expertise as medical doctors to influence political and public opinion on the need for climate action and the protection of our natural world.

We work for sustainability in health care, recognising the need for the health sector to reduce its own carbon footprint and to get ready for the many health impacts of climate change, like heat waves, infections, natural disasters and mental health impacts. 

We work to influence the public and decision makers, through education, advocacy and campaigning using a combination of key interventions for greater impact: 

  • Campaigning for climate action to protect health
  • Linking like minds in the medical profession for greater combined effect
  • Insider track advocacy to decision makers.
  • Media engagement, both medical and mainstream
  • Advocating for sustainability in health care
  • Translating scientific data into messaging, educational and advocacy materials
  • Educating our peers and the public