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Protecting biodiversity

We work to prevent environmental degradation and biodiversity loss in order to support human health

Natural ecosystems support our health by filtering our air, providing fresh water and food, regulating our climate, directly improving human health and protecting against the spread of disease and pests.

They foster our mental wellbeing, serve as places of recreation and sources of nature-based jobs. Furthermore, with over one third of all medicines known to humans being derived from nature, protected ecosystems are a form of innovative capital for future medical advances.

Sending time in nature supports our physical and psychological health. It's calming effect reduces blood pressure and feelings of anxiety and stress. 

A global environment that supports biodiversity is better able to support human health and increases our resilience to climate change.

But, our beautiful unique Australian ecosystems are under threat by climate change, land clearing, habitat loss, pollution, resource extraction and invasive species. Many of our ecosystems are close to collapse and this has major impacts for the health of our communities. 

We can work together to protect biodiversity by ending native forest logging, conserving and protecting our natural spaces on land and sea, knowing that in turn our natural environment protects us from harm. 

Biodiversity Resources


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