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Doctors for the Environment Australia has a long history of strongly advocating to all levels of government to take action to combat climate change.  A major part of our advocacy work is ensuring a health perspective is considered in climate change discussions and actions.  One avenue is the writing of submissions on key areas which our dedicated members undertake under the guidance of our Research, Education and Advocacy Committee.

Our most recent submissions are listed below: 



2024_07 Tahmoor South Coal Modification

2024_07 Nature Positive (EPA) Bill 2024

2024_07 National Urban Policy Submission

2024_07 Vic Minimum Standards for Rental Properties and Rooming Houses

2024_07 Renewable Energy Zone Project (TAS)

2024_05 Targets, Pathways and Progress - Climate Change Authority

2024_04 Waste Reduction and Recycling Policies 

2024_04 Future of Central Highlands State Forests

2024_04 National Adaptation Plan Issues Paper

2024_03 Federal Parliamentary Inquiry into the transition to electric vehicles

2024_03 Offshore Petroleum & Greenhouse Gas Storage Legislation Amendment Bill 2024

2024_03 Cleaner, Cheaper to Run Cars: The Australian New Vehicle Efficiency Standard

2024_03 Clarifying consultation requirements for offshore oil and gas storage regulatory approvals

2024_02 Protecting the Spirit of Sea Country Bill

2024_02 Potential for Human Rights Act for South Australia

2024_02 Health technology assessment policy and methods review – consultation 2

2024_02 Pre-Budget Submission 2024-2025

2024_01 First Nations Clean Energy Strategy



2023_12 Climate Active Program Direction Consultation 2023

2023_12 Wind Energy NSW Guidelines

2023_11 Senate Inquiry Duty of Care Intergenerational Equity Bill

2023_11 Future Gas Strategy 

2023_11 Middle Arm Industrial Precinct

2023_10 Climate Change(Net Zero Future)Bill 2023

2023_09 Inquiry onto Home Electrification

2023_08 Victoria’s Bushfire Management Strategy

2023_07 Managing noxious emissions from non-road diesel engines

2023_07 National Health and Climate Strategy

2023_07 Environment Protection (Sea Dumping) Amendment (Using New Technologies to Fight Climate Change) Bill 2023


To access all of the submissions authored by Doctors for the Environment Australia's members please click here