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The Medical Republic: Doctors speak out against fracking in Beetaloo Basin

Doctors are concerned about the impacts of fracking on their patients’ health, the environment and climate, and are urging Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to respond to NT’s decision to frack in the Beetaloo Basin, writes Dr Rosalie Schultz.

The Commonwealth government $1.5 billion support for the proposed Middle Arm Point development in Darwin Harbour – just 3km from populated areas- will enable gas from the Basin to be processed and shipped to international markets.  

Beetaloo alone will release a “carbon bomb” of 1.4 billion tonnes of total emissions globally, about 70 times the NT’s and three times Australia’s current annual emissions.

IPCC reports confirm we need to reduce emissions urgently and drastically if we want to limit global warming to 1.5°C, as required for a safe future.

We should not be subsidising any industry that harms diverting funds, instead we should be investing to accelerate the transition to renewables.

Sign the letter of support calling on the Prime Minister and the Labor Government to put a brake on fracking.

Rosalie Schultz is a NT GP and public health physician. She is a member of Doctors for the Environment Australia.

Read the oped in full in The Medical Republic and Health Services Daily

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