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All Electric Hosptial Guide

DEA members have been working to ensure that new hospital capital projects across Australia will be all-electric (no gas infrastructure for new hospitals or capital work upgrades).

We have developed the all electric hospital guide: Building the next hospital to be net zero carbon emissions (all-electric) which outlines practical steps for health professionals to advocate for all electric new hospital builds to ensure we protect and promote the health of our patients.

The Victorian Government has recently announced that all new homes public buildings and hospitals (from January 2024) will be all-electric in design. This is a fantastic forward step for decarbonising Australia’s energy needs. More information on the announcement here:

Below is a list of the all-electric hospitals planned to be built in Australia.

  • Canberra Hospital extension – ACT
  • Adelaide Women’s and Children’s Hospital – SA
  • Melton Hospital – Vic
  • Royal Melbourne Hospital – Vic
  • Royal Melbourne/Royal Women’s Hospital Arden St Campus – Vic
  • Alfred Hospital Paula Fox melanoma and Cancer Centre – Vic
  • St Vincent’s Hospital Druids Building – Vic
  • Epworth Hospital Geelong – Vic
  • Royal Prince Alfred Hospital extension – NSW

If any planned all-electric hospitals are not included on this list please contact us at [email protected].

If you are aware of any plans for a new hospital/wing/building being considered and would like to advocate for an all-electric design please reach out to [email protected] so we can help you.

Building the next hospital to be net zero carbon emissions (all-electric) - PDF (March 2022)