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Native Forest Logging Position Statement

Doctors for the Environment Australia recognises the deep connections between forests, human health and planetary health.

Doctors for the Environment Australia strongly support the following actions :
● Cessation of native forest logging across all Australian States and Territories without delay.
● Permanent protection of old growth, remnant and high conservation value forests as well as sustainable management of plantation forests. Some highly biodiverse regions will need greater protection, such as National Park status, as will water catchments.
● Strengthening of environmental standards and forest protection under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999) and removal of exemptions for Regional Forest Agreements, which have facilitated  overharvesting of native forests nationally.
● A national approach to and regulation of deforestation with the Federal Government providing leadership in protection where states and territories are failing to comply with or meet national environmental standards.


Native Forest Logging Position Statement - PDF ( Sept 2023)