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After Hours: Climate Change and Human Health

Climate change is a health issue.

The climate crisis has been described as the greatest threat to human health this century. For health practitioners the health effects are becoming increasingly apparent and a part of our daily professional lives. They are going to become more obvious and more severe as the climate crisis deepens.

This webinar provides an introduction to the health effects of climate change and is aimed at GPs and other health practitioners. It is vital that the medical profession understands this greatest of all health threats so that we act in the best interests of our patients and our community.

Presented by Dr Kate Wylie, the webinar outlines how anthropogenic global warming is changing our climate and how this change then effects human health. Importantly, it focuses on what health practitioners can do to treat climate change, both on a case-by-case basis but also from a broader public health perspective.

Dr Wylie is a GP who is passionate about climate action to improve health. She is a member of Doctors for the Environment and has completed the Climate Reality Leadership Program with Al Gore. Dr Wylie is the founder of climate medicine, an advocacy project whereby she educates community groups on the health effects of climate change. Please join Dr Wylie for this one hour webinar and learn how you can be part of the solution to the climate crisis.