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After Hours: Air Pollution


Air pollution is estimated by the World Health Organisation to be responsible for an estimated seven million excess deaths per year and is a major cause of ill-health in Australia.

Air pollution comes from transport and industry emissions, from the combustion of coal and gas and from bushfires. The catastrophic climate fires demonstrated how serious a health threat air pollution from smoke is. This threat will increase in Australia as a result of global warming

Join respected GP and academic Dr Ben Ewald as he outlines the far-reaching effects of air pollution on human health. Pollution has obvious effects on respiratory and cardiovascular function, but also effects intrauterine development and cognitive development in children. Dr Ewald is passionate about the need for robust policy in this area and will identify current policy opportunities in Australia during his talk.

Dr Ewald has 20 years of teaching experience, having taught epidemiology at the University of Newcastle. His interests are in applying the methods of epidemiology to the health problems seen in the community and in general practice. He has more than 40 publications in peer reviewed journals and is a member of Doctors for the Environment Australia.

After his presentation Dr Ewald is joined by Drs Vicki Kotsirilos, Bob Vickers, Kathleen Wild and Kate Wylie for a panel discussion and to answer questions from the audience.