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National Student Committee

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Declan Scragg

National Student Representative

"Declan is a fourth year medical student at the University of Wollongong and a Medical Science graduate from Flinders University. He believes that climate change is the single most important issue of this generation and that climate change deniers will someday be held in the same regard as those who believe that the world is flat, that lemmings engage in mass suicide, and that Justin Bieber is an ‘artist’. While not professing to be an expert on the shape of the world, lemmings, or popular music, he just hopes that one day he’ll be able to tell his two young kids that he contributed more to the solution than he did to the problem."

Kaiya Ferguson

National Student Representative-Elect/Media Editor

"Kaiya is a third year medical student at the University of Queensland who is passionate about global health and thus unsurprisingly, the environment. She is a graphic designer and media editor for the DEA National Student Committee and has previously been the communications officer for iDEA16 and AMSA Code Green. She is particularly interested in the displacement of people and political unrest due to climate change and is a self-declared Naomi Klein fan-girl."

Sujata Allan

Student Liaison

"Sujata is a GP registrar, who graduated from UNSW. She is the liaison between the National Student Committee and the DEA Management Committee. She completed The Change Agency’s community organising fellowship in 2016, and is passionate about building a powerful climate and health movement. She loves seeing people becoming empowered to take action on climate change, and would like to see many more health people become involved and seeing it as a core health issue. In her spare time she plays the banjo and also enjoys going bushwalking the Blue Mountains."

Shannon Lovegrove


"Shannon is a third year medical student at the University of Queensland, currently based on the Sunshine Coast. She has always dreamed of living out her retirement some place where she can make jam, surf, and talk about her time spent ‘back on the mainland’. When she learnt climate change was a threat not only to the survival of tiny islands, but also to surf conditions and fruit trees, she thought she’d better do something about it. She is also concerned about the risks to human health, loss of biodiversity, increasing population displacement, and general un-liveability of the planet. But mostly it’s the first stuff."

Natnalie Masli

Graphic Designer

"Natnalie is a fifth and final year medical student at Western Sydney University. She loves animals and nature and is a cat and plant lady. She believes that as future health professionals we have a social responsibility in educating and advocating for important issues like climate change, the preservation of biodiversity, natural resources and their impacts on global health. She is new to DEA but is looking forward to meeting with like-minded people, working towards raising greater awareness about environmental issues and utilising her passion for design to do so."

Jessica Shipley

iDEA17 Co-Convenor/Victoria State Representative

"Jessica is a third-year graduate medical student at the University of Melbourne. She’s co-convening the upcoming annual national conference of DEA, iDEA17, and is also the DEA Victoria State Rep. She’s an active member on the DEA Victorian State Committee of doctors and medical students and gains great energy from working with like-minded individuals on this really important issue."

Daniel Mogg

Australian Capital Territory Representative

"Daniel is a third year medical student at the Australian National University. He has previously studied psychology which explains his (possibly biased) perspective that behaviour change will be key to improving the health of individuals and the planet. Living in Canberra and having previously worked in the public service, Daniel is interested in public policy and how to work with government to address complex challenges like climate change. He is only newly involved with DEA but is excited to be a part of such an enthusiastic group that is using their skills, knowledge and status to advocate for action on such a critical issue."

Sophia Hill

New South Wales State Representative

"Sophia is a third year medical student at the University of Wollongong. Sophia initially became involved with DEA as the Social Coordinator for iDEA15, Sydney, and has continued her work with DEA as the outgoing UOW University Representative and incoming NSW Student Representative. Sophia believes that as a medical students and citizens of the world we all have a profound responsibility to advocate for and sustain our precious environment in order to protect the future public health of the world. "

Bec Tuma

Northern Territory Representative

"Bec is a 6th year (final) James Cook Uni medical student based in Darwin. She believes that if people actively engage with the world they live in by biking, hiking, sailing, climbing trees (for example), a greater appreciation for nature may arise and sustainable and nature friendly choices likely follow. Bec loves all things bicycles. You may see her commuting by bike whilst eating a burrito or attempting to pop a wheelie."

Beau Frigault

Queensland State Representative

"Beau is a third year medical student at the University of Queensland and this is his third year as a member of DEA. He is the outgoing convener of iDEA16 and the outgoing DEA Uni Rep for the University of Queensland. Prior to this, he was a member of several environmental awareness groups in Canada (where he is from) and completed a Sustainability Leadership Certificate from Ithaca College in New York. Having been an environmental advocate for quite some time, he particularly enjoys educating and engaging young people in sustainability issues."

Vienna Tran

South Australia State Representative

"Vienna is a third year medical student at the University of Adelaide. Alongside her studies, she has been a keen delegate of the AMSA Global Health Conference and the National Leadership Development Seminar, both of which have inspired her to pursue global and environmental health within her career. Vienna is a firm believer in fairness, and that education is the foundation of change. When communicating to others about the urgency of climate change, she advocates that people and the planet are not two separate entities."

Lydia Birch

Tasmania State Representative

"Lydia is a final year medical student at the University of Tasmania. Throughout med school she has been highly involved with her global health group (IMPACT), most recently as president and AMSA Global Health rep. When considering global health threats, climate change cannot be ignored. Unmitigated, it will disproportionately and dramatically hurt disadvantaged populations everywhere. During the COP21 negotiations, Lydia attended the 2015 Climate and Health Summit in Paris alongside healthcare workers and leaders from across the world. This was an uplifting experience, and motivated her to become more involved with DEA locally."