Medical students play a crucial role in Doctors for the Environment Australia. Whether it’s on the ground at your medical school, or as part of national advocacy and research projects, there are heaps of fantastic ways to get involved with DEA while you’re studying.

DEA Students represents and connects DEA’s medical student members. We seek to motivate and empower Australia’s future doctors to respond to the climate emergency. DEA Students is led by the DEA National Student Committee (NSC), as well as University Representatives from each Australian medical school. The NSC and University Representatives work collaboratively to recruit, educate and mobilise medical students to realise DEA’s strategic aims. Previously, DEA Students has worked on issues such as fossil fuel divestment, hospital sustainability, and greening medsocs.

Getting involved in DEA Students is a fantastic way to work on tangible change, develop essential life & leadership skills, network with clinicians, and, of course, meet passionate, friendly and likeminded people.

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Keen to get involved?

If you’d like to find out more, email us at, contact your DEA University Representative, and find us on Facebook and Instagram.