Health & Environment Coal Media release: Doctors slam Adani mine decision

Media release: Doctors slam Adani mine decision

Media release: Doctors slam Adani mine decision

29 August 2016

Health experts have slammed today’s ruling in the Federal Court which approved Adani’s Carmichael mine, Australia’s biggest coal mine project, saying it would harm the health of millions of people in Australia and around the world.

Medical advocacy group Doctors for the Environment Australia says the decision will lead to 4.7 billion tonnes of climate pollution over the mine’s lifetime.

Coal combustion releases mercury, particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, and dozens of other substances known to cause cancers, heart and lung disease and death.

The decision will also harm the Great Barrier Reef – one of our most important ecological support systems.

Spokesperson, Dr David King, says the approval process for the Carmichael mine development was grossly deficient in overlooking health costs, and that the Court’s decision puts financial interests ahead of public health.

DEA’s call to include health in Environmental Impact Assessments, both on coastal waters, which are used for fishing, and the Great Barrier Reef was ignored by State and Federal governments who were keen on focusing only on short-term economic considerations.

However Dr King says, “A narrow economic focus is insufficient for decision-making about sustainable health and wellbeing. After all, what good is short-term profit if we damage human and environmental health in the process?”

Dr King says that Australia’s sale of coal overseas from the mine is unconscionable.

“With this mine proceeding, it alone will create enough emissions to produce a rise in world emissions, jeopardizing global targets – and everything that means, particularly an increase in extreme weather events and their health consequences.

“Approval of this mine is devastating and demoralizing for the international impact on the will to try to enact the Paris agreement.

“Coal has never been good for health. It may have appeared to provide cheap energy, but the burning of coal has produced adverse environmental and health cost that have been borne by previous generations and will continue to be by future generations.

“Today’s decision damages global environmental interests and damages health.”


Dr David King, 0424 068 797
Dr George Crisp, 0422 057 351


Certain_Aspects_of_QLD_Government_Administration_Submission_11-14 see page 5 very important- government dodged the IESC report criticising Adani

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