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Along with many of you, no doubt, DEA has spent the last several days reflecting on the return of a Coalition Government that has not distinguished itself as being sufficiently aware or concerned about the enormous environmental, health and economic consequences of worsening global warming and environmental degradation. The stakes, though, have perhaps never been higher for swift and effective action nationally and globally to protect climates, environments and populations. 

 DEA is inspired by the maxim that “the future is not somewhere we are going, but somewhere we are creating”, and we will continue to be a leading voice of influence, advocacy and education to ensure our political leaders of all persuasion address the climate chaos with the urgency it needs. 

These are critical times we live in with much to do. 

Trusted voices such as that of the medical profession must step up and work together on addressing the climate crisis. DEA endeavours to be as effective, vocal and influential as possible in fulfilling our mission, protecting health through care of the environment. Time and time again, doctors have proved that when we stand united, the medical voice can be successful in bringing about vital change, as highlighted by the anti tobacco campaign. 

We urge all medical professionals and medical students to join us in addressing the biggest threat to health humanity has ever had to face. 

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 DEA in action 

 We would like to extend our thanks and absolute gratitude to the dozens of DEA members for their unwavering work up to and on election day and the increasing public awareness and concern for climate change threats across the nation. 

 The election activities- some of which are listed below- have been an inspiration. DEA members: 

 • Handed out DEA’s Prescription for a Health Planet, often using it to start conversations with colleagues and the public.

 • Wrote to and visited Federal Candidates.

 • Supported the Stop Adani tour by the Bob Brown Foundation. 

Some of our members spoke at Stop Adani rallies.  For those of you on Facebook, you can see their compelling talks here: 

Kim Loo 

Jane Morgan 

• Developed DEA’s politician briefing papers and Election Position Statement. 

Engaged with the AMA in relation to their key election Issues. 

• Participated in media activities such as interviews, writing letters to the editor (there were numerous) and writing articles which challenged some of the lies and myths about the climate crisis pedalled by some media publications. 

Some examples of the articles by our members are: 

Nick Towle was interviewed for a feature article in the Guardian 

Lucy-Jane Watt wrote an opinion piece in AusDoc 

Tim Senior featured in NewsGP 

Sujata Allan wrote an article for the Armidale Express

Kaiya Ferguson wrote on why Youngsters have had enough of Aussie politicians in the Sunshine Coast Daily (paywalled). 

• We also hope you have all seen DEA medical student Nat Harris' new video The Call Out, which uses the power of rap to spell out the implications of inadequate action on climate change and urges action from all political persuasions. 

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 DEA’s key election campaign: No Time For Games 

 While there are too many to give special mention, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the No Time for Games team and, in particular, the fearless and highly dedicated Ingo Weber who has been the driving force behind a wonderful team for over a year. 

There have been over 2,000 pledges, multiple media articles and a launch in front of Federal Parliament over this time.

• Activities over the last week alone have included an Open Letter to both Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten published in the SMH and The Age, made possible by the crowd funding efforts of some of our members. 

• There were also presentations of the letter to the respective election offices as outlined with pictures in this article by Ingo. 

Despite the election result which saw the return of a government with weak climate policies, our resolve to ensure that our young people inherit a habitable planet on which they can grow up and flourish is not curbed. 

 We will soon deliver the pledges to Scott Morrison and his government and will urge our new leaders to listen to the health voice calling for vital action on climate change, which is the biggest threat to health facing our children. 

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 We look forward to you working with us towards ensuring a healthy, stable future. 

Kindest regards, 

 Kingsley Faulkner, Co-Chair;   Eugenie Kayak, Co-Chair;   Richard Yin, Hon. Secretary;   Hakan Yaman, Treasurer   

L to R: Hakan Yaman, Richard Yin, Eugenie Kayak and Kingsley Faulkner  

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