Doctors for the Environment Australia: Executive Officer Position Description

Executive Officer


Position Description
Selection Criteria


This position is now closed.


Position: Full time or 0.8 FTE.

Location: Flexible though Melbourne or Adelaide preferable.

Applications close: Monday October 9, 2017.

Please forward: Contact details, CV and covering letter addressing selection criteria to DEA Deputy Chair at using subject title: DEA Executive Officer application.

About DEA

Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) has been a leading health organisation over the last decade working to raise awareness of and prevent environmental damage that is a threat to health. We raise the alarm and act when public health is threatened by environmental problems such as climate change, air pollution, fossil fuel impacts and deforestation.

All DEA’s members are medical doctors or students who bring together an extraordinary level of leadership and expertise drawn from every branch of medicine. Our members are volunteers who strongly support the objectives of DEA and our Mission Statement; Protect health through care of the environment.

DEA’s activities are diverse. We engage with fellow medical colleagues, politicians, media, the wider community; hold briefings with leading policy makers; present information at parliamentary inquiries; speak at community forums; write comment articles; provide expert opinion to journalists; publish peer-reviewed studies and write position papers.

DEA’s work is supported by administrative staff (1.0 FTE), a Communications and Media Coordinator (0.6 FTE) and a national Scientific Advisory Committee of acknowledged scientific experts. As doctors, our professional integrity is of paramount importance. DEA is governed by a 12-member Management Committee.

DEA is an independent, self-funded, non-governmental organisation with activities in all Australian States and Territories. We are independent from political parties and corporate donors.

This is the ‘Critical Decade’ for tackling climate change, and there has never been a more important time for collective action. Further information on DEA’s background, actions and achievements can be found in our information brochure Healthy planet, healthy people – Doctors protecting our future and Annual Reports.

Although DEA’s reach and influence is considerable the time has come for our working model to move forward, and to step up further to make more of an impact. We feel that to increase DEA’s reach, influence, resilience and to enable us to expand further, the employment of an Executive Officer to co-ordinate and advance activities and help oversee staff and governance requirements is a vital next step.

Key position functions

  1. To uphold and work towards DEA’s mission statement: “Protect health through care of the environment” and values.
  2. To be fully conversant with and compliant with DEA’s constitution.
  3. To oversee and manage the operations of the organisation in consultation with the Management Committee.
  4. To provide leadership in consultation with the Management Committee, to set clear directions for the organisation, and manage staff and volunteers to uphold and progress DEA’s mission statement and policies.
  5. To facilitate expansion of organisational capacity, including co-ordinating and assisting activities to expand DEA‘s educational activities, reach, influence and resilience.

Key Selection Criteria/Qualifications


  1. Understanding of the connection between environment and human health, in particular, climate change, and potential solutions.
  2. Demonstrated leadership and strategic management skills relevant to implementing DEA policy and initiatives.
  3. Demonstrated advocacy and networking skills.
  4. Relevant experience and skills dealing with the media.
  5. Ability to analyse scientific literature and an understanding of the peer review process.
  6. Written oral and interpersonal communication skills, for both public and scientific audiences.
  7. Business management/operations and organisational governance experience.


  1. Medically qualified.
  2. Public health training and/or experience.
  3. Experience working with volunteers and within the not-for-profit sector.
  4. Management experience supervising staff within health and/or NGO organisations.
  5. Understanding of health promotion theory and practice.

Specific responsibilities and accountabilities

  1. To report directly to DEA’s Executive at least weekly and as needed.
    a. To report fully in writing and verbally to every national Management Committee/ Board meeting and be answerable to questions or matters arising.
    b. To oversee the management of the paid employees and volunteers and provide support for them as required.
  2. To expand DEA’s educational role in highlighting the health impacts of environmental damage.
    a. Facilitate and promote presentations, interviews and articles in all forms of media by DEA members and provide these services as back up as required.
    b. Assist members in the preparation and review of material for website, public presentation, politician briefings or media.
    c. Co-ordinate with DEA’s Media and Communications Co-ordinator to attain efficiency and good communication in these processes.
    d. Act as a media spokesperson when required by the Management Committee in conjunction with DEA members.
  3. To co-ordinate and facilitate:
    a. The development and review of DEA submissions to relevant parliamentary inquiries and independent reviews as requested by the Executive/Management Committee in consultation with relevant members.
    b. Opportunities to engage with and influence parliamentarians of both state and federal parliament on matter of concern to DEA, directly or in coordination with members
    c. Review of DEA policies, fact sheets and other publications as required.
  4. To participate in the implementation and updating of DEA’s media strategy with DEA’s Media and Communications Co-ordinator and working closely with staff and members to maximise DEA’s media profile.
  5. To facilitate and maintain good communication between the national, state and other committees.
  6. To expand organisational capacity through;
    a. Expansion of membership and improved retention strategies.
    b. Assistance with meeting fundraising targets within DEA’s strict ethical code.
  7. To work with the Management Committee and members to enhance the organisation’s ability to engage with and collaborate with wider sections of the community, medical professionals, other organisations and policy makers.


This Position Description can also be downloaded here: Executive Officer Position Description

Confidential inquiries or expressions of interest can be made to Eugenie Kayak; or David Shearman;

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