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Croakey Health Media: Vehicle emissions standards are necessary, but much more is needed to stop transport systems harming our health

Australia’s transport systems contribute to poor health in many ways, including through road trauma, encouraging physical inactivity, exacerbating social injustices, and air pollution, writes Dr Rosalie Schultz.

DEA, along with many other organisations and individuals, has recently responded to Australia’s proposed new vehicle emissions standards.

But while emissions standards are needed for Australia to catch up with other nations, they are only part of the comprehensive transport strategy we need to promote, better, safer and healthier transport.

The full article was first published in Croakey Health Media on 14 March 2024

About the author

Dr Rosalie Schultz is a public health physician, a road safety advocate, a GP based in Alice Springs, and a member of Doctors for the Environment Australia.

Rosalie has been a road safety advocate since 2013 when she tried in vain to prevent the NT Country Liberal Party (CLP) government removing speed limits on NT’s fastest roads. Limits (still too fast at 130km/h) were re-introduced promptly by the new ALP Government in 2016, and now even the CLP has accepted these.

Further reading: DEA’s submission

Cleaner, Cheaper to Run Cars: The Australian New Vehicle Efficiency Standard Submission to the Australian Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the
Arts consultation, March 2024

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