About DEA

About DEA

About Us

Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA) is the only organisation of medical professionals in Australia solely focused on promoting good health through care of the environment.

We are GPs, surgeons, physicians, anaesthetists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, public health specialists, academics, medical students and researchers. We bring together an extraordinary level of leadership and expertise drawn from every branch of medicine. All our members are volunteers who strongly support the objectives of DEA.

Since forming in 2001, we have been guided by our vision ‘Healthy Planet, Healthy People’. We use compelling scientific evidence to demonstrate the important health benefits of clean air and water, biodiverse natural places, stable climates and sustainable health care systems.

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Civil disobedience and illegal activity

DEA receives questions from members and others about our position on illegal activity in relation to opposition to developments. Our position is that DEA does not condone any form of civil disobedience or illegal activity under any circumstances.